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About Me:
I am an artist and illustrator living in the UK. As you may notice from the various tabs on the bar above I dabble in a little bit of everything. I grew up helping my mum with her various crafty business ventures from card making, jewellery design, and other paper crafts to glass painting and bead-weaving, and more. I guess that eclectic and diverse approach to life rubbed off on my art. Which mostly means I am just incapable of sticking to one thing - or I suppose I should say I love to explore which I do; exploring materials, designs, techniques. I love exploring it all. 

Thus, as an artist I have my toes dipped in a number of different creative pools. However, regardless of whether it is designing patterns, creating traditional fine art paintings, or strolling through the streets with my camera all of my work exhibits the same underlying themes of nature, movement, colour, and expression. 

What am I up to these days?

As well as arting I am also a student studying to become a psychotherapist. This takes up a lot of my time and thus, I do not get to create as much as I like. However, I am currently working on a new series of painting idea's inspired by literary works, as well as a new collection of ACEO's. On top of this, I have a backlog of photography work due to my recent year-long study abroad experience in Italy - so keep an eye on the photography section for updates on that! Finally, I am writing a graphic novel with my partner that will hopefully debut late 2019!


If you would like to keep up to date with my recent work and general day to day activity be sure to follow me on all the social media! I try and post new work weekly, work in progress shots, time lapse videos, and other random tidbits when I have the time!

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Indian Blue - 800px - Guinevere Saunders
Casa Di Farfalle, Montegrotto Terme (Edi

Contact me and Where to Buy?

Should you have any general enquiries or if you wish to make a commissions request you can contact me via my email at:

You can buy framed original paintings, hand finished limited edition prints and photography prints right here on my website (COMING SOON). Just click on the tab that says 'shop' on the top bar!

Looking for my design work? Use the following links:

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